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A — Constant Static Property, class net.flashpunk.utils.Key
active — Property, class net.flashpunk.Graphic
If the graphic should update.
active — Property, class net.flashpunk.Tween
If the tween should update.
active — Property, class net.flashpunk.Tweener
If this object should update.
add(e:net.flashpunk:Entity) — method, class net.flashpunk.World
Adds the Entity to the World at the end of the frame.
add(graphic:net.flashpunk:Graphic) — method, class net.flashpunk.graphics.Graphiclist
Adds the Graphic to the list.
add(name:String, frames:Array, frameRate:Number, loop:Boolean) — method, class net.flashpunk.graphics.Spritemap
Add an Animation.
add(mask:net.flashpunk:Mask) — method, class net.flashpunk.masks.Masklist
Adds a Mask to the list.
added() — method, class net.flashpunk.Entity
Override this, called when the Entity is added to a World.
addGraphic(g:net.flashpunk:Graphic) — method, class net.flashpunk.Entity
Adds the graphic to the Entity via a Graphiclist.
addGraphic(graphic:net.flashpunk:Graphic, layer:int, x:int, y:int) — method, class net.flashpunk.World
Adds an Entity to the World with the Graphic object.
addList(... rest) — method, class net.flashpunk.World
Adds multiple Entities to the world.
addMask(mask:net.flashpunk:Mask, type:String, x:int, y:int) — method, class net.flashpunk.World
Adds an Entity to the World with the Mask object.
addPoint(x:Number, y:Number) — method, class net.flashpunk.tweens.motion.LinearPath
Adds the point to the path.
addPoint(x:Number, y:Number) — method, class net.flashpunk.tweens.motion.QuadPath
Adds the point to the path.
addTween(t:net.flashpunk:Tween, start:Boolean) — method, class net.flashpunk.Tweener
Adds a new Tween.
alarm(delay:Number, callback:Function, type:uint, tweener:net.flashpunk:Tweener) — Static Method , class net.flashpunk.FP
Schedules a callback for the future.
Alarm — class, package net.flashpunk.tweens.misc
A simple alarm, useful for timed events, etc.
Alarm(duration:Number, complete:Function, type:uint) — Constructor, class net.flashpunk.tweens.misc.Alarm
_align — Property, class net.flashpunk.graphics.Text
align — Static Property, class net.flashpunk.graphics.Text
The alignment to assign to new Text objects.
alpha — Property, class net.flashpunk.graphics.Canvas
Change the opacity of the Canvas, a value from 0 to 1.
_alpha — Property, class net.flashpunk.graphics.Image
alpha — Property, class net.flashpunk.graphics.Image
Change the opacity of the Image, a value from 0 to 1.
alpha — Property, class net.flashpunk.tweens.misc.ColorTween
The current alpha.
anchorTo(object:Object, anchor:Object, distance:Number) — Static Method , class net.flashpunk.FP
Anchors the object to a position.
angle(x1:Number, y1:Number, x2:Number, y2:Number) — Static Method , class net.flashpunk.FP
Finds the angle (in degrees) from point 1 to point 2.
angle — Property, class net.flashpunk.Screen
Rotation of the screen, in degrees.
angle — Property, class net.flashpunk.graphics.Image
Rotation of the image, in degrees.
angle — Property, class net.flashpunk.tweens.misc.AngleTween
The current value.
angle — Property, class net.flashpunk.tweens.motion.CircularMotion
The current position on the circle.
angleDiff(a:Number, b:Number) — Static Method , class net.flashpunk.FP
Gets the difference of two angles, wrapped around to the range -180 to 180.
AngleTween — class, package net.flashpunk.tweens.misc
Tweens from one angle to another.
AngleTween(complete:Function, type:uint) — Constructor, class net.flashpunk.tweens.misc.AngleTween
angleXY(object:Object, angle:Number, length:Number, x:Number, y:Number) — Static Method , class net.flashpunk.FP
Sets the x/y values of the provided object to a vector of the specified angle and length.
Anim — class, package net.flashpunk.graphics
Template used by Spritemap to define animations.
Anim(name:String, frames:Array, frameRate:Number, loop:Boolean) — Constructor, class net.flashpunk.graphics.Anim
ANY — Constant Static Property, class net.flashpunk.utils.Key
applyFilter(filter:flash.filters:BitmapFilter) — method, class net.flashpunk.graphics.Canvas
approach(value:Number, target:Number, amount:Number) — Static Method , class net.flashpunk.FP
Approaches the value towards the target, by the specified amount, without overshooting the target.
assign — Property, class net.flashpunk.Graphic
assignedFrameRate — Static Property, class net.flashpunk.FP
The framerate assigned to the stage.
assignTo(parent:net.flashpunk:Entity) — method, class net.flashpunk.masks.Masklist
autoClear — Property, class net.flashpunk.Tweener
If the Tweener should clear on removal.
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