Anim Template used by Spritemap to define animations.
 Backdrop A background texture that can be repeated horizontally and vertically when drawn.
 Canvas A multi-purpose drawing canvas, can be sized beyond the normal Flash BitmapData limits.
 Emitter Particle emitter used for emitting and rendering particle sprites.
 Graphiclist A Graphic that can contain multiple Graphics of one or various types.
 Image Performance-optimized non-animated image.
 Particle Used by the Emitter class to track an existing Particle.
 ParticleType Template used to define a particle type used by the Emitter class.
 PreRotation Creates a pre-rotated Image strip to increase runtime performance for rotating graphics.
 Spritemap Performance-optimized animated Image.
 Stamp A simple non-transformed, non-animated graphic.
 Text Used for drawing text using embedded fonts.
 TiledImage Special Image object that can display blocks of tiles.
 TiledSpritemap Special Spritemap object that can display blocks of animated sprites.
 Tilemap A canvas to which Tiles can be drawn for fast multiple tile rendering.