Documentation for classes includes syntax, usage information, and code samples for methods, properties, and event handlers and listeners for those APIs that belong to a specific class in ActionScript. The classes are listed alphabetically. If you are not sure to which class a certain method or property belongs, you can look it up in the Index.

net.flashpunk.tweens.misc A simple alarm, useful for timed events, etc.
net.flashpunk.tweens.misc Tweens from one angle to another.
 Anim Template used by Spritemap to define animations.
 Backdrop A background texture that can be repeated horizontally and vertically when drawn.
 Canvas A multi-purpose drawing canvas, can be sized beyond the normal Flash BitmapData limits.
net.flashpunk.tweens.motion Determines a circular motion.
net.flashpunk.tweens.misc Tweens a color's red, green, and blue properties independently.
net.flashpunk.debug FlashPunk debug console; can use to log information or pause the game and view/move Entities and step the frame.
net.flashpunk.tweens.motion Determines motion along a cubic curve.
net.flashpunk.utils Static helper class used for saving and loading data from stored cookies.
net.flashpunk.utils Static class with access to miscellaneous drawing functions.
net.flashpunk.utils Static class with useful easer functions that can be used by Tweens.
 Emitter Particle emitter used for emitting and rendering particle sprites.
net.flashpunk Main game Sprite class, added to the Flash Stage.
net.flashpunk Main game Entity class updated by World.
net.flashpunk.tweens.sound Global volume fader.
net.flashpunk Static catch-all class used to access global properties and functions.
net.flashpunk Base class for all graphical types that can be drawn by Entity.
 Graphiclist A Graphic that can contain multiple Graphics of one or various types.
net.flashpunk.masks Uses a hash grid to determine collision, faster than using hundreds of Entities for tiled levels, etc.
net.flashpunk.masks Uses parent's hitbox to determine collision.
 Image Performance-optimized non-animated image.
net.flashpunk.utils Static class updated by Engine.
net.flashpunk.utils Contains static key constants to be used by Input.
net.flashpunk.tweens.motion Determines motion along a line, from one point to another.
net.flashpunk.tweens.motion Determines linear motion along a set of points.
net.flashpunk Base class for Entity collision masks.
net.flashpunk.masks A Mask that can contain multiple Masks of one or various types.
net.flashpunk.tweens.motion Base class for motion Tweens.
net.flashpunk.tweens.misc Tweens multiple numeric public properties of an Object simultaneously.
net.flashpunk.tweens.misc Tweens a numeric value.
 Particle Used by the Emitter class to track an existing Particle.
 ParticleType Template used to define a particle type used by the Emitter class.
net.flashpunk.masks A bitmap mask used for pixel-perfect collision.
 PreRotation Creates a pre-rotated Image strip to increase runtime performance for rotating graphics.
net.flashpunk.tweens.motion Determines motion along a quadratic curve.
net.flashpunk.tweens.motion A series of points which will determine a path from the beginning point to the end poing using quadratic curves.
net.flashpunk Container for the main screen buffer.
net.flashpunk Sound effect object used to play embedded sounds.
net.flashpunk.tweens.sound Sound effect fader.
 Spritemap Performance-optimized animated Image.
 Stamp A simple non-transformed, non-animated graphic.
 Text Used for drawing text using embedded fonts.
 TiledImage Special Image object that can display blocks of tiles.
 TiledSpritemap Special Spritemap object that can display blocks of animated sprites.
 Tilemap A canvas to which Tiles can be drawn for fast multiple tile rendering.
net.flashpunk Base class for all Tween objects, can be added to any Core-extended classes.
net.flashpunk Updateable Tween container.
net.flashpunk.tweens.misc Tweens a numeric public property of an Object.
net.flashpunk Updated by Engine, main game container that holds all currently active Entities.